If your pain could speak, what would it say?

If your pain could speak, what would it say? In John Barnes’s book Healing Ancient Wounds, there is a chapter called “If Your Tears Could Speak, What Would They Say?” That resonates with me, but I always want to change one word, and ask, “If your pain could speak, what

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What Is No Longer Nourishing You?

Serving You Or Nourishing You? So many meditation teachers encourage us to release by asking, “What is no longer serving you?” And it’s funny because, to aim for enlightenment, we are taught to serve others, not seek to be served. So, I’ve always struggled with this question. I don’t need

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The Curiosities of the Tao Te Ching

Of all the spiritual texts, I find the Tao Te Ching to be one of the most interesting, for three reasons: 1) It has so many translations; 2) It is a book based on something undefinable; 3) It tells us not to seek knowledge. The curiosities of the Tao Te

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Welcome to the Spa Blog!

  I am a full-time wellness writer and editor, and several years ago, when I first moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico, I took a part-time job at one of the most renowned spas in the US – Ten Thousand Waves. I still live in Santa Fe where, if you

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self-care isn't selfish graphic

Self-Care in the Age of COVID

Just because COVID-19 has descended upon us, this is no time to skimp on self-care. In fact, it might be more important than ever. Now that people are more isolated, lonely, and uncertain about the future, we need all we can to make ourselves feel better. Self-care is a big

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foot massage

My Ayurvedic Massage Experience

When I had my first Ayurvedic massage, which was at the Chopra Center in California, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew that Ayurveda was an Indian tradition that based treatments on your dosha, or body/mind constitution. But after experiencing six straight days of Ayurvedic massage during Chopra’s Perfect

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"You didn't shave your legs?!" graphic

What I Think about during a Massage

I’ve always known that I’m an outlier. Whatever the norm is in any situation, I will be the odd 1 percent. Medical conditions? I don’t have the typical symptoms. TV shows everyone loves? Nope, not me. Common reactions to a medication, a book, a trend? Mine aren’t common. The same

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Scenes from the Face Cradle

What do you think about when you’re in the face cradle staring at the floor or your massage therapist’s painted toenails? If you’re like me, a million thoughts run through your head during those 60 minutes. Even with eyes shut, lights dimmed, and body warmed, an array of odd and

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Egg Cream Face Mask

Sheet Masks

One of the hottest and newest trends in skincare is sheet masks, and I can’t get enough of them. Not to be confused with face masks, sheet masks are thin, single-use gel- or cloth-soaked films placed on the faced for 20­–30 minutes. These moistened facial sheets are infused with hydrating,

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buckwheat hull pillow

Holiday Spa Gifts (A Few of My Favorite Things!)

Need a holiday spa gift? Of course you do. Think: mom, sister, cousin, co-worker, friend, or you! Since it’s that time of year, I thought I’d share with you some of my spa faves. Most of you know I try hundreds of products every year, and it’s hard to choose

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coffee massage

Coffee Spa Treatments & Products = Yes!

Happy New Year, everyone! I decided to try something different this year. Instead of writing my own resolutions, I’ve come up with a few for you, my readers! First resolution (repeat along with me): I will try to get to that spa I’ve had my eye on. (Day spas count.)

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