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Priceless Primping at Pamper Me Fabulous

  • Posted on April 1, 2013 at 4:14 am
Pamper Me Fabulous March 2013

The Pamper Me Fabulous Dance!

I stood on line for seventy-five minutes, business cards in hand, awaiting my “Pamper Me Fabulous” arm stamp, which would allow me to enter the crème de la crème of spa events. Pamper Me Fabulous is held six times a year, and this was my first one, held at the Vibiana, a Los Angeles venue.

Roughly 1,500 women of all ages stood in line to drench themselves in the latest lotions, age-defying serums, lip plumpers, and foot soothers. More than 70 vendors teased us with their quirky, yummy, and sophisticated wares. We pushed and shoved to grab a sample of a mineral peel from O.R.G. Skincare, a whiff of a Twilight Forest body truffle from BonBliss, and to test the Smooth as Silk Day Creme from Dermadeli Facial Foods. The lines for Space Mountain at Disney had nothing on the queues for manicures, hair straightening, and even the free Pamper Me Fabulous gift bags.

It was brutal. In fact, the lines were so long for the facials, massages, and manicures that I didn’t even bother with them. But I did sit down at the Hum Nutrition booth. Billed as “Your Free Personal Nutritionist,” this company promises to customize your supplement regimen. I filled out a short computerized questionnaire, which a dietician will review before designing my vitamin protocol. They will be e-mailing me the results, which I will share with you.

I left with oodles of delicious products, most of which I will review in upcoming blogs. (The woman from Nerium AD Skincare swore the age-defying treatment I went home with would “change my life.”) I’m giving it 30 days, I’ll let you know. Some of the vendors were blush-inducing, including the company Kanoodled, which sold a “Coochie Cleaner” and “Wiener Wash.”

Pamper Me Fabulous Gift Bag

Pamper Me Fabulous Gift Bag

Even though the crowd was a bit large for the venue, and the ticket takers were a bit disorganized, it was all worth it. It was a chance to try new products—including a mini portable I.Q. Massager—meet other spa junkies, network, and bliss out on a little pampering. The ticket for the 11 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. event was $40, although they freely offer a 20 percent discount. Others who had attended previous Pamper Me Fabulous events said that the one held at the Terranea last year in LA was better organized and offered more physical options, such as yoga on the lawn of the gorgeous Palos Verdes resort.

The next one up is in Dallas on May 19. Then comes Chicago (June 23), Miami (September 15), New York (October 13), and Los Angeles again (November 10). I will attend at least one more this year, and I promise to gather a bunch of new goodies to review for you. Here’s the link: Pamper Me Fabulous

Today’s Tip

Get on line early on the day of the event. Bring a very large bag that is easy and comfortable to carry. You will collect so many samples (or full-fledged products, if you choose to buy them) that you will need a place to put them as you walk around. I lugged around so many bags from each vendor until finally the nice guy at KM Fantasy (who sold me a massage oil candle—yes, I’ll review it) took pity on me and double bagged all my stuff into a huge brown shopping bag.