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Makes Scents Pumpkin Spa Line Giveaway!

  • Posted on October 21, 2013 at 8:49 pm

Makes Scents Natural Spa Line and Val The Spa Gal have teamed up for a scrumptious pumpkin spa line giveaway! The lucky winner will receive either a Pumpkin Sorbet Body Scrub (7.8 oz.; $25); a Pumpkin Mousse Body Butter (7 oz.; $20); or the newly released Pumpkin Spice Eco Soy Candle (10 oz.; $25).

Pumpkin Sorbet Body ScrubI sampled the body scrub and the mousse. (Yes, I have a tough job!) The body scrub is a blissful blend of dried pumpkin, raw sugar, sweet almond, coconut, rice bran and avocado oil. This is a strong spa-industry-grade scrub. The hefty crystals slough off dead skin cells and leave you with a light glow and a powerful pumpkin scent that will last long into the night. I had to make sure to mix the oil into the crystals (which I did with my finger), or else it began to separate. Also, it left a light oil on the bathtub floor, so be careful because it might be slippery.

The Pumpkin Mousse Body Butter was light in texture, but strong in scent. The whipped white pumpkin-scented butter glided on easily and worked well as a gentle massage lotion, which I used on my feet … a lot! I detected a hint of cinnamon, which I did not notice in the heartier body scrub. The aroma is also robust, like the scrub, and lasts long after its application. Delicious!

Pumpkin Mousse Body Butter

Makes Scents Natural Spa Line owner, Heather Kreider, says, “Since we strive to use as many natural ingredients as possible, we suggest using the products within six months of opening.” She also mentioned that they occasionally runs sales of 20% off throughout the year. Check the website often for seasonal offerings as well at Makes Scents Natural Spa Line

Pumpkin Spice Eco Soy Candle




Now for the CONTEST! Lucky for you, there are a number of ways to enter. It’s easy to pile up multiple entries. Good luck!

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Blissful Hand and Body Scrubs ~ BonBliss

  • Posted on April 27, 2013 at 1:21 am

I have found heaven. And its name is BonBliss. Comprised of husband and wife team Elissa and Jay Choi, BonBliss makes deliciously scented hand and body scrubs. I have sampled each of the 14 scents, and I can honestly endorse every one of them. BonBliss scrubs are single-use treats perfect for traveling or a quick sweet indulgence wherever you are.

BonBliss treats come in the form of Moisturizing Body Truffles, perfect for the shower, and Scrub-2-Go minis, ideal for a moisturizing boost after washing your hands. Each is individually wrapped and resembles an edible delight.

Bon Bliss Truffles

BonBliss Moisturizing Body Truffles

And you know how skincare companies often write “Do Not Eat” on their packages, and you sarcastically think, “Really? I never would have guessed.” Well, BonBliss really did need to warn users because their products are so ridiculously alluring that you’ll truly want to eat them. But don’t.

Instead, add a little water to one and gently crush it and rub it onto your skin. It will leave a yummy scent and a light moisturizing gleam. And get this: If you shower with a truffle in the morning, you will still be able to smell it at night. As a body scrub connoisseur, I can assure you that most scrubs do not last until bedtime. BonBliss products are free of parabens, phthalates, and sulfates.

Choosing your favorite scent might prove difficult, but mine is the Cherry Almond. I simply cannot get enough of this one. First runner up? Sweet Satsuma. Each 1-ounce body truffle is $3.75, and a tin can of bite-size scrubs are $10.95, but they occasionally run specials. Visit them at You can also follow them on Facebook.

BonBliss Scrub-2-Go

Cherry Almond BonBliss Scrub-2-Go

Today’s Tip

As BonBliss states, be careful when using the truffles in the shower because they will leave a light film that can make the floor slippery.

Even though they are intended as single-use scrubs, if you are willing to forego a little indulgence, the moisturizing body truffles can last for two uses.

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Welcome to Val The Spa Gal

  • Posted on March 15, 2013 at 6:48 pm

Since this is my first blog post, I’ll set a few ground rules: I will discuss all things spa, including product reviews. I will not hold back. I will answer questions you post. I will not keep my neuroses in check, and I reserve the right to fall into reveries that are only remotely spa related, because I want more than just you spa junkies to read this, too.

Welcome to Val The Spa Gal. Please help spread the word.

I am a full-time writer and editor. Several years ago, when I first moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico, I took a part-time job at one of the most renowned spas in the US – Ten Thousand Waves. I still live in Santa Fe where, if you throw a stone in any direction, it will likely hit a massage therapist. Over 130 therapists work at Ten Thousand Waves (and boy was it fun trying to learn all their names)!

I will share with you what I’ve learned about this business where you lie stark naked on a blanketed table and allow a complete stranger to massage warm oil onto nearly every inch of your body. I’ve lain on hundreds of these tables and crawled back into real life with the requisite lines on the sides of my face, from the face cradle. I’ve been kneaded, scrubbed, heated, oiled, and even hummed to. From the sublime to the evil, I’ve endured every kind of therapist, and every kind of treatment. And I own enough body indulgence products to open my own spa. I figured since I’m a writer, it was time to blog about my spa psychosis.

I will entertain your inner spa with a relevant quip, and I will always end with “Today’s Tip,” which will address some fun item, perhaps offer a warning about a product, or just answer a common FAQ, such as “Is it okay to leave my underwear on during a massage?”

Today’s Tip:

My latest obsession is with The Body Shop’s “Shea Body Scrub.” It is so decadent I’m tempted to eat it. Its salt chunks abrade my body, but then leave a thin glowing sheen on my skin, and I revel in that all day. When no one’s looking, I sneak little sniffs on my arm. As exfoliants go, this one’s on the harsher side. But they used to make a “Bergamot Salt Scrub” that skinned me alive. So, this is an upgrade. Its scent—floral and fruity—is subtle, so your limbs won’t offend when you enter a room. Be careful when you use this in the shower, as its oils cause the tub floor to become slippery. I can’t explain why you’ll love this—it’s hard on the skin, and you might break an ankle slipping in your tub—but its lasting patina is seductive.


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