About Val the Spa Gal

About Me

I am a writer and book editor by day and a spa and body care fanatic by…day and night.  I moved from the East Coast to Santa Fe, New Mexico, where I immediately got hired at Ten Thousand Waves, a world-renowned Japanese Spa. I no longer work there, but I continue to immerse myself in all things spa. A new moisturizer on the market? Got it. A hair treatment? Got that, too. I’ve been kneaded, scrubbed, hot-stoned, and facialized (I can make up words…I’m an editor, remember?) When I’m not busy helping authors make their books shine—did I mention I’m the owner of www.TheWriteEdit.com?—I’m probably online looking for an exciting spa vacation.

Some of my posts are product reviews. As a disclosure, some companies do offer me samples of their product, for this purpose. This in no way influences my professional opinion on their product. Reviews are 100% my own content and are written completely without bias.

Why You Should Like, Love, Comment, and Spread the Word about Val, The Spa Gal

This will be your weekly serving of all things spa-related, with tons of laughs and stuff that will make you say, “Wow, I didn’t know that.” My goal is to engage YOU in things like my review of the latest body scrub, tips on spa etiquette, news on beauty and health issues, or what massage therapists want you to know. Men—you will not be left out, so please read and comment (don’t worry, I won’t tell your girlfriend.)

I can’t wait to meet you. Have fun reading!

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