It’s Spa Week!

  • Posted on April 17, 2013 at 8:59 pm
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April 15 to April 21 is Spa Week, which means that spas all across North America are offering luxurious full-service spa treatments for only $50. This is a biannual event, occurring every April and October. It’s a chance to sample a spa affordably; and for the spa, it’s an opportunity to seduce you into becoming a repeat customer.

But I noticed some states that were conspicuously missing from the list of places participating, including my own—New Mexico—who, some might say, is the spa capital of the U.S. Iowa, Arkansas, and Maine were non-participants as well. I wanted to know why this was the case, so I called a local spa director and asked her. It turns out, her spa did participate in Spa Week two years ago, and lost a lot of money. The spa saw no repeat business from the event, and even had to pay over $1,000 to partake in it. “Our loyal customers know the value and luxury they’re getting and don’t use deals to come here.” She related the “coupon” idea to those who use discount social media sites such as Groupon and LivingSocial. These generally attract people who are looking for a one-time deal.


This got me thinking about where I stand in the matter of getting a “deal” and whether or not this makes me a repeat customer, and my answer is that I am the poster girl for companies who want to tease me with their wares and lure me back, and this includes spas. I’m the one who drools over the free samples that places like Sephora and give me. If I like the sample, I’m back online ordering the full-size product. Most people love a good spa deal, like the kind you get from Spa Week, but they aren’t necessarily spa junkies, like I am, and therein lies the difference. The average person might say, “Wow, that was a nice treat,” whereas I would say, “Oh my God, I have to get this treatment every single day for the rest of my life.”

Whether you want a one-time deal or you’re looking to sample a massage, facial, or body treatment in hopes of finding a spa you can frequent, Spa Week is worth it. Their website will not only tell you which spas in your area are participating, but they gab about all things spa, just like yours truly. Check out Spa Week’s travel deals, blog, and contest to win a spa and wellness gift card at Spa Week.

Today’s Tip

Spa Week is the ideal time to book an affordable spa vacation. Most participating spas will allow two to three full-service treatments at $50 a pop. If you can’t get away, see which spas are participating in your area. Running a spa is expensive, so if you find a treatment, spa, or therapist you like during Spa Week, consider being a repeat customer. Some spas offer loyalty programs for locals. For example, here in Santa Fe, the Inn & Spa at Loretto has such a program, which features 20 percent off year-round for New Mexicans.

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